Freemasonry for women and men

Freemasonry for men and women - Lodge Light of Amen Ra no. 717

British Federation, The International Order of Co-Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain

Lodge Light of Amen Ra no. 717 is a comasonic lodge, part of the British Federation of International Co-Freemasonry - le Droit Humain, meeting close to London in Surbiton, Surrey, England. In Co - Freemasonry, men and women work together in complete equality. There should be no dogma in Freemasonry, and members of our lodge are encouraged to develop their own interpretation of the masonic rites and symbolism. Lodges can be like a family, often developing their own distinctive character and special interests, attracting like minded people who can offer mutual support in meeting the challenges of personal evolution.

In our lodge we tend towards a spiritual and esoteric view of Freemasonry and regard its purpose as being to accelerate human evolution. We see masonic symbolism and rituals as encompassing the most profound truths of human existence, opening a path of ever deepening understanding of who and what we are, what is our place in the universe and how we can evolve as spiritual beings

There is no qualification of race, gender or religion in Co-Freemasonry, there are no external obstacles to prevent anyone realising these truths for themselves, in the reality of their own conciousness. All that is required is a sincere commitment to your own inner development, a genuine desire to be of service to humanity and a willingness to do the work that this involves to the best of your personal ability, whatever that may be.

Although Freemasonry can offer much in the way of intellectual stimulation, there are aspects of masonry that can transcend the limitations of intellectualism and offer direct insights into the deepest aspects of human existence. Members of our lodge are a diverse bunch, hailing from a variety of racial, ethnic and national backgrounds and with a healthy variety of talents and abilities.

In Lodge Light of Amen Ra we welcome any genuine enquirers into the deeper truth of our existence, and offer an opportunity for spiritual advancement by service to humanity.

Lodge Light of Amen Ra

The light is within, let the light shine