Freemasonry for women and men


International Co-Freemasonry - Le Droit Humain An international Masonic Order for men and women, of all races and creeds, admitted on equal terms

The British Federation of International Co-Freemasonry The British Federation of International Co-Freemasonry - Le Droit Humain

Servants of The Light This is a registered, non-profit making organisation providing authentic and trusted access to the Western Mystery Tradition

The Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica OMCE) This is an international non-profit fraternal organisation, open to all men and women over eighteen who share its philosophy and who wish to improve themselves and serve the evolution of humanity.

The British Martinist Order The aim of the Order is to increase individual, spiritual awareness for the betterment of humanity.

W.L. Wilmshurst online. The complete works of W.L.Wilmshurst online courtesy of The University of Bradford.

An excellent FAQ about Freemasonry Courtesy of the American Federation of International Co-Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain

Jeff Dahl The background image on the pages incorporates an image created by Jeff Dahl and made available under the Creative Commons, for which many thanks.

Lodge Light of Amen Ra

The light is within, let the light shine